Charlie's Work


>> S.M.A.R.T repair <<

Has your car got a scuff, scratch or dent that bothers you every time you walk past it?
Charlies Body Shop is here to help.
We can do local panel blow-ins where possible to keep the price of repairs low.

>> Accident repair <<

Have you had an accident and don’t want to go through all the hassle of insurance and losing your no claims bonus?
At Charlies Body Shop, we’re on your side
With accident repairs at great prices, your sure to drive away happy.

>> Restoration <<

The quality of our work reflects on the years of restoration experience behind us.
Have a look through Charlie's work to view some previous restoration work I have completed.

>> Colour coding <<

Is your car looking dated due to old style plastic trims?
We can fix that for you!
Give your car a new, stylish look by having them colour coded

>> Headlight restoration <<

Are your headlights looking tired and faded from the sun?
Pop and see Charlie for a headlight restoration
Starting at £35
Your car could have that twinkle back in its eyes
and restore night time visibility to what it was when new!